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Hospital Kiosk

The Hospital Kiosk uses the ‘Sevana’ software application for registering birth and death incidents. This covers all the ninety two odd different business processes relating to civil registration including periodical reports to the Registrar General of Births and Deaths. Details of all births and deaths electronically registered in Local Governments (Registration units) where SEVANA application software is being used uninterruptedly for registering these events. The Hospital Kiosk is the best practices in an approach towards capturing birth/death data at the source for better control over data quality. This in turn makes the public transactions simple, clear-cut and transparent, naturally reducing the chances for shady operations and corrupt practices. This was done by linking the ‘Janasevanakendrams’ with hospitals over the Internet. The objective was to make available birth and death certificates to the informants within twenty four hours of registration through the hospitals reporting the event.